Chew! You Sucker (coburnsteeth) wrote,
Chew! You Sucker

Sette Note In Nero (1977)

I think I have discovered my favorite Fulci film to date.

The Psychic (1977) or “Sette Note In Nero” has EVERYTHING that attracts me to 70’s Italian cinema… Gorgeous actors/actresses, atmospheric cinematography, incredible set decoration and a fantastic score.

I have yet to see his early Giallo work which I hear is even better than this, but I do find it odd that he switched to his now famous ambiguous plot gore films right after this one. I still love The Beyond/Gates of Hell/House By The Cemetery, but The Psychic has so much more cinematic meat behind it. For one thing, it has a well thought out plot with some good twists. I always felt that Fulci’s famous films kind of ended abruptly without proper resolution. The Psychic satisfied me all around. The set decoration is complete eye candy. The houses, the wallpaper, the dark ornate furniture, I love that crap.

The score is unbelievably cool as well. I’ve had the soundtrack for months before I finally saw the film. The gore is surprisingly restrained, but when you got Jennifer O’Neill’s face to look at, who needs to see an extreme close-up of a drill going through the head all the time.

Also, best use of a musical watch since “For A Few Dollars More”.

I highly recommend it.

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