Who doesn’t want their own theme song? Who would like to be the envy of their friends and proclaim, “Well, I have my own theme song, do you?” Who would like to walk down the street with the melodic confidence of an opening sequence sitcom character or park your car with the fanfare of an action star?

You would? Well, now’s your chance!

Starting Monday, November 8th through Wednesday, December 8th, with a purchase of $4.00 or more, you will be eligible in a random drawing. If your name is picked, I will write and record an actual theme song just for you to download and blast to the world! IT’S THAT EASY!

Just visit and purchase any number of track downloads from the catalog equaling $4.00 or greater. Heck, even if you don’t want the tracks, consider it a donation with the added bonus of personal theme song eligibility! The winner will be announced on Friday, December 10th 2010.

Make yourself stand out with your very own theme song! Great for office parties!

Visit and tell your friends who are in desperate need for their own theme song to become a fan on Facebook today!

(contest ends 11:59pm 12/8/2010)

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From hollie_horror

10 random actor/actresses were given to me and I need to list my favorite film with them...


1. Mary Stuart Masterson - At Close Range
2. Demi Moore - Nothing But Trouble
3. Faye Dunaway - Network
4. Jessica Harper - Phantom of the Paradise
5. Jamie Lee Curtis - The Fog
6. Cher - Mask
7. Kathy Bates - Fried Green Tomatoes
8. Jane Fonda - Nine to Five
9. Patricia Arquette - True Romance
10. Isabella Rossellini - Wild At Heart

1. William Finnley - Sisters
2. Klaus Kinski - For A Few Dollars More
3. Christian Bale - Empire of the Sun
4. Johnny Depp - Ed Wood
5. Kurt Russell - Breakdown
6. Terrence Howard - Crash (only one i've seen)
7. Woody Harrelson - No Country for Old Men
8. Benicio del Toro - The Usual Suspects
9. John Malkovitz - Shadows & Fog
10. Bill Murray - What About Bob?


I haven't posted here in a LONG TIME! 
but, I finished mixing my first EP and thought i'd post it here for anyone who would be interested.

The Sesame Street Covers EP!

Five glorious high quality tracks from the golden age of Sesame Street as interpreted by yours truely.

Only $5.00!

What started as fun experiment for my boy became an experiment of nostalgic terror for YOU!

Be the first on your block to have this one of a kind treasure!

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Making some use of LJ

More songs. We should have done the Score-Off Challenge this way, with the videos I think. Ah well. For anyone who cares, here is a sexy song, a funky song and a western song...

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TWO MORE SONGS. One old & one new.


Here's an old one from the Score-Off Challenge days. When put with this film, it works out so much better...

Here's a brand new song I submitted to the Axe Cop team for their motion comics. It probably wont get in, but no matter. It works perfect with Death Wish 3...

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I have really become obsessed with this particular soundtrack and I decided to cover a few songs from it(you know, instead of writing my own because i'm lame)